Jerry and Nancy Scanlan

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is a travel agency? A: No, as a Chairman Circle Affiliate, Platinum Supreme Shareholder Members of the Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club, we have the privilege of offering time at the resort for available accommodations and use of some of our exclusive member benefits. We provide this for our guests, friends and family. We thoroughly enjoy the resort and look forward to returning ourselves multiple times a year. You will find us to be extremely honest. Ensuring that your expectations are appropriately set and you are aware of all aspects of your trip are more important to us then “selling” you a trip. We have found that there are too many people out there “promising” things that can not be possibly be guaranteed. We want you to have an amazing trip and have pleasant upside surprises and not be frustrated by expectations that are unfairly set by some others. Q: What is a Chairman’s Circle Affiliate - Platinum Supreme Shareholder Members? A: The Chairman Circle Affiliate - Platinum Supreme Shareholder is among the highest level of membership the Resort offers. We have received the right to become a franchise entrepreneur with the Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club. What this means for you is we can offer your party Blue V.I.P Wrist Bands (Gold Guest bands are available as an optional upgrade) which allow access to the V.I.P Beach, V.I.P Pool, NV Beach and all areas of the resort except Sea La Vie, Harmony, Serenity, Lifestyle and Deja View Beaches, and access to all restaurants and bars with restrictions on Ocean, Azul and Jazz. Other benefits do apply.  Q: I am a Member myself, can I book through you? A: Unfortunately, no. All members are required to make their own reservations directly through their assigned Customer Service rep at the resort. When making reservations, the resort specifically asks if any of the guests on the reservation are members? Traveling through another member is against the rules of the resort and can result in you losing benefits and problems – our recommendation. Don’t do it – members should book directly through the resort. Q: What is the process for booking a reservation through you? A:  First, contact us by filling out our reservation form. Please be sure to include your email address, phone number, and a detailed description in the comment box with your desired accommodations, travel dates, and the number of travelers in your group.   Second, we will contact the Resort to check availability and then notify you as soon as possible (usually within one to two days).  Third, you confirm with us that you would like to proceed with the booking of your trip and provide the name and contact information for the Lead Guest in your group.  Also provide the names and arrival times of any guests joining you that are included in this confirmation so they may receive V.I.P bracelets at check-in.  Fourth, we will inform you of the amount to be paid to confirm your reservation.  Fifth, you will then send us your payment. The preferred methods of payment are U.S. Postal Money Orders and Certified Bank Checks. Payments will have to clear the bank before we continue processing your reservation.   Sixth, we will then book your accommodations with the resort and send you the confirmation via email.  Please check various airlines to ensure there are flights available for your dates. We strongly advise you do not book flights until confirmation is received.  Accommodation dates can be slightly altered around flight schedules depending on availability dates.  Seventh, if you are flying into the Puerto Plata Airport, send us your flight information so we can coordinate your inclusive ground transportation.  If your flight information is not provided to the Resort in writing a full five (15) business days prior to arrival, we cannot guarantee your ground transportation.  Our goal is to make your vacation as pleasant and carefree as possible.  We will assist you with every aspect of this trip, and please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.  Have a wonderful experience at your new home away from home! Q: Is this a timeshare, and will I be required to attend a presentation? A: No, this is not a timeshare resort and you are absolutely under no obligation to attend a presentation. There is an optional Holiday Vacation Club presentation available to anyone who is interested in learning more about the club and its privileges. In all likelihood, someone will ask you if you would like to hear the presentation, hear about what is new, go to the tower, or receive a free gift. If you are not interested in the presentation, just tell them no. Q: Do I have to arrange my own airline and ground transportation? A: Yes, please book your flights only after you have received confirmation of the chosen resort dates from the resort through us. The two airports closest to the resort are Puerto Plata (30 minutes) and Santiago (1.5 hours). Transportation to the resort from Puerto Plata Airport is included with your accommodation costs. You will have to arrange your own transportation if you fly into Santiago Airport. Airport pick-up from Santiago is about $120.00 per van (6 people + luggage). Q: What does the All-Inclusive fee cover? A: The all-inclusive fee covers all your meals and drinks in the resort restaurants and bars, and all the V.I.P bars and restaurants. Q: Do all villas really have a pool? A: Yes, although each villa is different – each villa does have a pool and the pool is just for the use of the guests staying at that villa. Q: What is the price for the a la carte restaurants?  Is tipping expected? A: There is no additional fee for the a la carte restaurants, to include the V.I.P restaurants. Meal fees are included with your All-Inclusive payments. Providing the staff with additional tips/gratuity is not expected nor required. However, a small tip for service above and beyond is always greatly appreciated. We typically bring about $100 in singles for this purpose. The choice to tip at all or how much is entirely yours. Q: Are there any other fees? A: There are no additional required fees within the resort; however, you will be required to pay an entrance fee upon arrival into the Dominican Republic. This is an entrance fee for visitors and is $10 USD per person, payable at the airport you fly in to. We understand that this fee may soon be included with our airfare in 2018. If/when this happens, we will no longer need to pay this separately at the airport. There is an option to rent a room safe for $20/week. Internet is also available on a per devise basis if you would like internet access in areas of the resort where it is not already available for free like at the Tower, the VIP areas, etc. We find the internet access spotty and would pass on the additional access and make use of the free internet at the available locations – but the choice is yours. Q: Can I choose a specific villa or room number? A: We can always make the request for you, but even when we travel ourselves to the resort – specific rooms or villa numbers are not at all guaranteed.  We recommend asking for what we need and want and have found that the resort does its best to provide what has been requested. Q: Are golf carts available? A: For guests staying in a Villa only, a request will be made for you to have use of a golf cart for the duration of your stay. This is provided as available and is never guaranteed and cannot be guaranteed by anyone. This is an additional benefit we offer at no extra charge. Q: If I book a Villa and I only have a few people travelling with us, will I have to share my Villa with another group? A: No. The entire Villa is just for you and the guests traveling along with you. Along with other considerations, villas are assigned based on group size, etc. All accommodation pricing is per week, not per person!  Q: Does the resort provide Internet service? A: Free Internet access is available in the V.I.P reservation area, and free high-speed wireless is available to you within V.I.P World, V.I.P Beach and NV Beach.  Internet access is available for an additional price per device if you require internet access in additional areas of the resort. We find that the additional access is not necessary, and coverage is spotty. We recommend the use of the free access at the available location, but the choice is yours. Q: How close is the beach from the various accommodations? A: The entire resort is located on the beach and within walking distance. However, the resort does have an internal transportation system of vans, bus’s, etc. that can take you anywhere you need to go especially if you are traveling from one end of the resort to the other. Q: Are there laundry facilities at the resort? A: There are no laundry facilities in the villas or at the resort. However, the resort does offer laundry service for an additional fee. Q: Does the resort offer a Kids Camp? A: Yes, the Resort does offer a Kids Camp and this can be arranged at any time while at the resort. The Resort does not charge extra for this service. Q: Do I need to bring any special type of power adapter when I travel there? A: They use the same type of power and plugs as in the US (110-120 Volts). Depending on which country you are traveling, you may need to bring along an appropriate adapter. Q: Do I need to exchange any U.S. Dollars for Dominican money? A: No, we have found that the resort, vendors and everyone else accepts US dollars. There is an ATM machine available, if needed and the resort can convert your currency to Dominican Pesos if you want. We have found that it is best to pay with cash (to avoid additional local taxes/surcharges) when purchasing any excursions at the resort excursion desk. The cost of these vary, but typically are in the $50-$100 range depending on the length and type of excursion. Q: What Credit Cards are accepted by the resort? A: The Resort accepts most major credit cards for All-Inclusive fees as well as other activities but they do not accept AMEX nor Discover. We try to use a credit card (like Capitol One) that either doesn’t charge or has a minimal “Foreign Transaction Fee”. Q: Is it ok to drink the water at the resort? A: No – we do not and do not recommend that you drink the water directly out of the tap or use it for brushing your teeth. They do have plenty of available bottled water that we use to drink and brush our teeth with.  The water provided at the restaurants and ice are purified and we do use those. Q: Why is this such a great deal? A: We are Chairman Circle Affiliate shareholders and would like to offer you a great vacation at a great price with benefits that would otherwise not be available/affordable to most. Why? Because we know you will refer your friends and always come back to us for your future travel needs. Q: I heard that the prices for a vacation like this are cheaper through other companies like Cheap Caribbean.  Is that true? A: There is nothing wrong with Cheap Caribbean.  In fact, we first travelled to the Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Resort using them.  However, there are VERY significant differences in benefits which travel agencies like them provide as opposed to booking directly with a Member/Shareholder of the Resort.  With us, you get airport transportation; Ocean World tickets; a week is 7 nights not 5 nights; access to V.I.P areas of the resort with some restrictions; and several other benefits.  You also have your choice of accommodation type based on availability vs. the choice of ONLY a standard room.  The experience is significantly better - almost as good as being an actual member but without the significant investment to become one.